Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jones/Brooks Reunion 2013

In front, June's husband, cousin Nathan, Carolyn's husband.  In back, niece Kim, niece Shelly holding Ella, who is great niece Emma's baby.

Great niece Kari and niece Kim.

Nephew Tom.

Great niece Brooke and her mother Michelle, our granddaughter Ellery and our daughter Nikki.

At table, on left, cousin June, cousin Lynnette, cousin Tim, Nellie's husband Roger sleeping, sister Jackie, and Aunt Rita.

Krystal in back, Nellie's daughter, Jackie and Aunt Rita, who is 90.

Cousin Carolyn, June, Lynnette, and Tim.

Cousin Tim and his wife Michelle.

Roger napping.

Sister Bev and niece Kristi.

Lauren's husband Ben.

Brother-in-law John(he and my sister Debbie own Honey Haven Farm where reunion was held), nephew Bill, and nephew Tom.

Niece Missy and niece Lauren.

Brother-in-law Bob.

Niece Natalie and her middle daughter Andrea.

Facing away from camera are nephew Mike and his son Blake, son-in-law Terry and grandson Griffin.

Nephew Neil, husband of Kari.

Andrea's husband Pete holding his son, Parker's hand, great nephew Josh's son racing through yard.

Emily next to Mama Missy,  Scarlett, daughter of Kristi on right.

Cousin Lynnette and her husband.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Nikki!

Lazy Daisy Cake

39th birthday again!

Huff and Puff!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canadian Soldiers

Canadian Soldiers shed their skin.

Linwood 4th of July Parade

Parade starts with the geese.

Julie and Aspen getting ready to watch parade.

Nikki in her new VW, with Jack in the back.

Hal driving my Mustang with Ernie in the back.

Nice car!

Terry, Griff, and Nicholas(a friend).

Love the antiques.

Linwood Marching Band that doesn't march.

Bikes and walkers brought last of parade.

June and Early July photos.

These 2 pics were taken looking at an approaching storm on Lake Erie in June.

Geese and their babies.

Nikki, Terry, Hal, and Vicki finished the ice cream puzzle.


Strawberry Short Cake at "Our Secret Garden"