Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friends Arrived

George and Sheila from Alberta, Canada arrived Thursday, just in time for the weather cool down. It is only 66 degrees right now at 3PM It rained last night.
H helped George get his Arizona room put up, before they got it tied down the wind picked up in gusts and dust was blowing, they could barely see. At least they finished before the rain started.
The weather has been great for getting work done outside, I don't like the really hot(in the 90s) weather, which it was when we arrived.
The patio we are putting in has been started, we ordered the pavers and sand, have been working to remove gravel from the area we are doing. H is getting the proper slope in so rain will run off away from RV. Monday the supplies come, so we will be busy then. The pavers are 16" square and each weighs in at 39lbs. Fun moving those critters around.